2016 Mazda MX-5 GT - Short take road test

July 07 2016, Sébastien Malo

2016 Mazda MX-5 GT - Short take road test

By Sébastien Malo

The 2016 MX-5  - Test drive.

As a sports car icon of "pure pleasure"at Mazda, the MX-5 has been completely renewed for 2016. We are now at the 4th generation of this model, which was launched in 1989 as the Miata.

Your host has been lucky enough this summer to slip behind the wheel of this newcomer for 2 000km. The version for this test was the MX-5 GT with a 6-speed manual transmission in ceramic color. Its new look, KODO style  (meaning soul of the movement) is now more aggressive. Mazda's designers have worked hard to give the MX-5 design a practical and powerful look. This car also won the prize for "best design in the world 2016" by the World Car Awards and the award for the best new car of the year according to the 2016 Car Guide.

Driving the MX-5

Let's get straight to the point and talk about driving. What an agile car! Its precision and light weight makes it one of the most entertaining roadsters to drive and it is offered on the market at a very competitive price (starting price of $ 31,900 + freight and fees). Only one engine is available either for the GX, GS and GT version, the 4-cylinder SKYACTIV-G 2.0L 16-valve developing 155 horsepower and 148 lb.-ft. That you will achieve 0-100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds. Again, its lightness and its 50/50 weight distribution make it a hyper balanced and agile vehicle in every corner of the chosen route. Enough to stick a smile on your face in each cornering.

Speaking of weight, the engineers have managed to subtract 150 lbs (68 kg) compared to the previous generation. The car literally sticks to the road ,thanks to its well-calculated suspension and electric power steering.

Regarding the choice of transmission, the new MX-5 is available with either a six-speed manual or automatic six-speed gearbox (no charge). By the way, did you know that the MX-5 is one of the only cars to be chosen with the manual gearbox rather than the automatic transmission? This is a clear sign that the brand's fans search driving pleasure.

The star at Beauharnois' locks.

As for the fuel economy, the new MX-5 also beats scores: 6,5L / 100km for the road and 8,2L / 100km for the city.

There is now a Sport package (only available on the GS version) that includes, Brembo brakes, black 17-inch BBS forged alloy wheels and leather Recaro seats.

Convenient top

Obviously, the MX-5 is even more fun to drive with the top down. Nevertheless, with the mounted roof, I found the soundproofing more than good, despite the  bumpy pavement roads in Quebec! If you want the electric roof, know that the hard top roof version will also be available on the market in a few months.


Inside, it literally feels like an airplane cockpit with a good driving position, very low, well-placed controls at eyes level. Make ONE with the driver and the car, this is Mazda's philosophy.

The touch-screen navigation system comes standard for the GS and GT version. It iss also very easy to use. I liked the sound of the Bose sound system with 9 speakers (including integrated speakers in seats headrests) that is far superior compared to the previous generations.

The lever for the fuel door is now located at the left of the driver on the dashboard which is more convenient. As for the CD player, it is now located between the two rear seats passengers.

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