Mazda G-Vectoring Control

May 08 2017,

Mazda G-Vectoring Control

Mazda G-Vectoring Control, maximize cornering
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Mazda launched some years ago its SKYACTIV technology, a term that describes the optimization of the chassis, engine, gearbox and bodywork to reduce the consumption of its models. In 2017, the manufacturer extends the reach of this system and attacks the vehicle dynamics. There is now talk of SKYACTIV Vehicle Dynamics, a more comprehensive package that is at the heart of the philosophy of Mazda, make sure the driver is one with the car.

In the process, he introduced the vector control system of G force (G-Vectoring Control) technology improves comfort, stability and performance of the vehicle when cornering. Advantage will refresh the Mazda6 in 2017 to graft him premiering this new system, the Mazda3 will follow thereafter, she also pass the scalpel by next year. Ultimately, the manufacturer will extend the technology to all its vehicles, including the SUV.

A wizard that improves your driving
Mazda has also invited us in the Monterey area at the legendary Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to discover the CVM, acronym of its vector control system of the strength G. One of the common errors when taking a turn, it is unnecessarily disrupt the car and to accentuate weight transfers by giving flying shots, constantly correcting the trajectory or playing suddenly with the brake and the accelerator rather than make transitions smooth. Not only this is not optimal from the point of view of performance, but it is very uncomfortable for the driver and especially the passengers.

It is precisely to correct this deficiency that CAG was unveiled. The system does not necessarily designed to optimize vehicle handling and on a circuit to subtract a second a lap, but to optimize the way in everyday driving.

All this by controlling engine torque
The heart of this technology is the engine. Engineers have developed software that, combined with a series of sensors, detects interactions with management. It can thus limiting the torque sent to the wheels at the right time and better control the strength G. He managed to replicate nothing less that a professional driver to succeed in turn, that is to say, using 100% adhesion while minimizing roll and pitch of the frame.

It takes years of practice to master this art, Mazda now offers you without you having to make any effort. Some will say that this system adds to other technologies designed to address the lack of competence of drivers, but here's another debate. We put our days on the techno replacing dexterity at the wheel.


CAG effective system? Absolutely. We were able to test in a series of exercises and we had the chance to turn off to better see the difference. The good news is that everything is transparent, without any discernible impact on driving pleasure. It was our fear, to have again a technology that robs us of control or power in the name of security. This is not the case. In fact, it was surprised to want to leave enabled at all times on a stretch of winding road as he brought a level of precision and higher approval.

Not only is the system maximizes the performance of the car when cornering, but it also reduces the effort of the driver steering mitigating fatigue, a very appreciable element if you spend many hours behind the wheel every day.

As soon as you enter a bend, the most critical part, the delay between the time you turn the wheel and the vehicle begins to change trajectory is greatly reduced and we clearly see the greatest accuracy. The number of corrections is also reduced. A camera and sensors recorded our driving on an oval section and the result was pretty convincing. The graph was much less choppy when the system is activated.

It is especially on wet or slippery surfaces the system has proved the most effective. It was able to negotiate the curves much better and especially with an increased level of control. In simple terms, this system allows to minimize any sudden movements that can be done to maximize the vehicle's handling and passenger comfort.

Of course, this new technology will not suddenly run all buyers at Mazda and probably few sellers will know how to explain it well. Anyway, it's every day that the control system of the G force vector will be appreciated owners. It will be part of the details that make driving a Mazda vehicle dynamic and enjoyable and many will appreciate it without really able to describe.

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