Quality Service

Quality service, courtesy, Francis Chiasson's availability; bravo and thank you! Pascal Rioux equally proved courtesy and openness. I was well served and the visit was of good humour. Thank you. 

Other customers satisfied

Very Professional Team
I am very satisfied with my purchase of a beautiful CX-9 thanks to a very professional team that did everything needed to answer my needs and criteria. A big thank you to Maxim Audet, Jennifer Mitchel, and Chrystelle Boudreault. Good luck for the future, you create a great team.
They Answered All of My Questions
Thank you, Francis Chiasson, for your expertise and courtesy. Even if I didn't buy a vehicle I can guarantee that Longueuil Mazda is a place where the team answers your questions properly and where they are transparent with clients. Francis Chiasson destroys the stereotype of what sellers used to...
I Always Come Back
Wow! I have had a total of four Mazdas since 2005 and I bought my fifth last month. For the second time in a row, I relived my experience with Longueuil Mazda for the following reasons. 1) My counsellor, Cédrik Pinet, is extraordinary. His patience, honesty, and easy going way of doing things are...